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What Does It Mean to Be spiritual?

What exactly does it mean to be spiritual?

Essentially, we can define spiritual as activities which result in the experiential realization of the pure “individual” within, while others perceive it as a belief system which they associate with certain rules of conduct. Quoting one of the more expertise sources on spirituality, we are told that:

“Spirituality is not to be found in churches, temples, synagogues, or other religious buildings. These are not the locations where the sacred can be touched and relaxed. That is only the outer covering to protect the inner sanctuary. The inner sanctuary is many-fold, including recognizing and supporting your oneness with all of life.”

While there may indeed be sacred places on earth, the inner sanctuary is found in the awareness of what lies beneath the surface of what we call “reality.” It’s not a location, since whatever passes as reality is no more real than the light which illuminates a room. Perceptions are different, though; the “order” or “way” things work is because they fit our perceptions, yet there is no expectation that they shall stay in tact.

Anything that appears different for all perceptions is simply an “expression” of the one light. The fact that an Abstract Expression of Truth (such as the Law of Attraction) can so easily be misconstrued as a set of rules for following or violating, so easily can blind us to the fact that all that we’re doing is finding the outer “coverings” which reflect our inner receptivity to truth. Everything is Truth until we say otherwise.

Similarly, if we look only at the physical light we cease to perceive anything else. There are many other layers of light above and beyond the physical light, layer upon layer of varying densities which interpenetrate each other and affect the way light can be perceived, used, or abused. The top of the pyramid of awareness is the direct perception of the Infinite Light which lies beyond any possible determination or application of the theretofore “enlightened” laws or truths (Law of Attraction included). All further levels of light are simply different expressions of the same light, the light in the present, as it has always been. The greatest light in the usual sense of the word concerns Himself with the least, the present, as present as possible.

In fact, the laying aside of the belief in the false, corrected perspective of the “inverted scale” of the universe, where everything looks different and reality is a globe spinning on itself is the true meaning of “being spiritual.” The inverted scale describes a physical universe moving along a path, an absolutely imaginary one, as observed by an imaginary observer who exists within the perspective of that outer reality. The universe does not move nor is it in any other physically observable way than as a result of the perspective of those “observers” who continue to believe that “it must be so” because it is absolutely vital to their very existence.

And this means that they cannot possibly be the ones getting the results of the experiments or the realization of the “creative tones” of the mind that they repeatedly write about and quote, yet they themselves never seem to get where it is they are headed. While they may be able to manipulate certain parameters of their surroundings, the point of divergence of their perspective quickly occurs and they are rendered once again clueless to the Truth their whole premise is based on. In fact, the entire perspective of their world as it is now and the worlds to come passes through the false and inverted world views of their own ignorance, where it remains inverted until they bring it to “contact,” when the mind breaks and the vision dawns on them at a certain point of their “boundary” which exists and can never be crossed.

The ultimate ” Shankara” is that no one has the fullness of the knowledge of God, Shankara. No one cuts the mustard, and many only cut the seed, defeating the purpose of the game. No one can cross the boundary, and no one can be touched by the mustard seed otherwise. The game of life is a mixed blessing, as is the life of mind as it is mind. To cross the boundary is to realize the boundaries; to touch the boundary is to reap the benefits of its blessings. The senses do not verify the existence of the boundary, it does not verify the strength of the boundary, and therefore can never be “defeated.” Empty impartation does not threaten, it lies bare of all excuses. Consciousness, attributed to existence, existence, is the taker and not the receiver. P dumped into E professes to exist not; P withdrawn from E, and its no-self content, existence changes. The shakti is empty of all Adaptations. What is external to P is external to E, because of the taker.